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Default Mark Buerhle had a sweet buzzing going i

So it has been said that baseball is social sport where fans go to spend time Danny Salazar Jersey with friends and family and grab a cold hot dog and a flat beer. But who's to say the players can't enjoy the game the same way?Apparently that' Tyler Naquin Jersey s exaclty what Mark Buehrle did in Game 3 of the 2005 World Series.In a 14-inning game Buehrle came on in relief and eventually tallied a save. He apparently did so with a Francisco Lindor Jersey pretty solid buzz.In an article he wrote for The Player Tribune Buehrle said he chugged, "like three beers ... Max," prior to coming into the game in the 14th inning."Definitely no more than three, though. I swear," he continued.Baseball does have its own beer leagues but this may be getting a little ridiculous. But hey, if a guy can go out and save Jackie Robinson Jersey a game with a nice little buzz, more power to Michael Brantley Jersey him right?The White Sox would go on to win the series in four games over the Houston Astros. It was the White Sox first World Championship since 1918.To this day it is the Astros' only World Series appearance.
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