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Default Breitling Bentley B04 GMT RB043112/G775/990R Replica Watch

Hands-on: MB&F HM9 Flow Watch

MB&F buy replicas watch Machine No. 9 (or "HM9") debuted here today, and today I took a look at one of the two "launched versions", the difference between this interesting "Art Watch" is currently available in the current version of HM9 Flow is almost the dial: MB&F HM9 Flow Air (refer to 90.TL.AB with aerospace instrumented dial) and reference 90.TL.RB HM9 Flow Road, as shown above, car instrument inspiration. Each is a limited edition, which may be the first time MB&F offers multiple versions of the watch (at the same time) that look similar to each other.

The HM9 Flow received a relatively quiet release, probably because it was an attractive but not revolutionary product for MB&F. However, I would say that it looks much better in real life (as opposed to marketing images) and is very comfortable to wear. For me, the Horological Machine No. 9 Flow is a follow-up to the MB&F HM4 released nearly a decade ago. Both watches look like fast-moving moving objects on the wrist, both of which are made of titanium; both are just time, the prices are relatively similar (HM4 may be the same as HM9) if both Released today).

MB&F HM9 Flow replica has an interesting "triple teardrop" (I call it) brushed and polished 5-grade titanium case. Unlike the HM4, the HM9 had only one dial at the time, but it seemed to be inspired by the MB&F Legacy Machine 1 (LM1) when using the double balance wheel. The latter function in the movement is more or less aesthetically pleasing, which is interesting because you can see the double 18,000 bph frequency balance wheel running under the structural sapphire crystal placed above them. MB&F is one of the few companies that are willing to spend time and effort on uncommon machining of sapphire wafers and is extremely effective. The five sapphire crystals around the case are actually part of the structure, not just the ones that allow you to see the case. In other words, the crystal is actually

Discussing the HM9 Flow's case size doesn't really help you understand how the timepiece of this shape wears out, and may make the timepiece sound louder than it actually is. The lugs are intentionally placed at a narrower position than the entire length of the casing, which contributes to wear resistance. The HM9 Flow has a width of 47 mm, a thickness of 23 mm and a length of 57 mm. The separate housing is made of 43 parts (water resistant to 30 meters) and the other 301 parts enter the exclusive HM9 movement. I mention water resistance, because even if it is not much, it does require a special patented three-dimensional (rather than on-plane) gasket between the main shell parts.BREITLING Aviator 8 Day & Date 41

In addition to the dial, the biggest difference between the MB&F HM9 Flow Air and the Flow Road is the finishing of the movement. The HM9 Flow Air features a grey-coated movement (the bridge), and the HM9 Flow Air features a glamorous rose gold movement. The sport itself is architecture and technology. The 2.5Hz movement is hand-wound with a 45-hour power reserve, with a dual-set balance (connected to the planetary gear differential system) and a single dial in minutes and hours. The crown is easy to grasp and seems to be part of the aesthetics of the large case. For the lack of functionality of the HM9 Flow, it will definitely compensate for the visual characteristics.

Of course, the dial used to indicate time is the soberest part of the watch (well, the strap is made of very standard brown calfskin), which may be a good thing to improve legibility. The dial of the HM9 Flow Air certainly looks like a small aviation clock, while the dial of the HM9 Flow Road looks like an old Buick or other streamlined American car of the mid-20th century. Horological Machine No. 9 Flow Air and Flow Road are interesting, collectible and very classic MB&F, a reasonable extension of the aesthetics, mechanics and uniqueness we know and love at MB&F in Geneva.Richard Mille RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure


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