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Old 04-28-2012, 09:56 PM
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Post Usergroup "Colour" Promotions

In order to reward loyal and long-term forum members of PotForums.com, we have the following usergroup promotions in effect.

These are also in place in order to help ward off "signature spammers" whose sole goal is to register and post short, low quality posts in order to place a link to their site in their signature.

Once a user's post count reaches a certain range, they automatically get upgraded to a different usergroup and are granted special perks.

PotForums "Yellow" Member

Attained once 100 posts are reached AND user has been registered for 30 days

* Username colour changed to yellow
* Ability to post links of any format (Ex. http://www.yahoo.com, Yahoo.com, Yahoo)
* Can add a signature (1 line)
* +50 Increased Private Message storage (100 total)
* Can send up to 5 (up from 1) multiple Private Message recipients at once

We currently only have the one promotion in effect. More promotions will be added in the future as the forum continues to grow.
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