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Default YES Network wants viewers to know its an

From the "Warrior" on the field, Will Clark Jersey to the warrior pose on a yoga mat, Paul O'Neill is just one of many YES Network broadcasters who are about to be showcased in aunique way.O'Neill, David Cone andJohn Flaherty all have played with the Yankees, and all bring something to the YES Network broadcast booth,given their experiences while in pinstripes and with other franchises. Each brings hisown personality. Each bring his own view. But the three ex-Yanks are just three cogs of bigger picture here.YES'eclectic group of broadcasters and analysts keeps every series fresh, and membersoffer unique analysis and perspective ofthe game. Led by point-manMichael Kay, the booth features a variety of voices.MORE: Expect more A-Rod on TV this season Cone's affinity for sabermetrics is well-documented, as isO'Neill's affinity foranything edible, but sometimes personalities don't get to shine through during telecasts. This year, YES'approach to the season looks to remedy that.Shedding light on the team behind the team in a humorous, entertaining way,YES Network bra s gathered all of its network talent to partake in a yoga cla s yes, a yoga cla s showcasing the nuances and personalities of the team prior to the season.The segments feature the analysts and broadcasters giving a little of their signature flavor to the yoga cla s Ken Singleton spouts his signature "Look out!" after Kayflubs anattempt at the cobra position. Cone scoffs at the idea of there not being any perfection in yoga. The entire group drops into the "Flash" pose a catcher's squat position, the name paying homage to former Yankee catcher Flaherty.The idea for the spot was originally rather innocuous, said idea-conceiver and on-air promotions production a sistantBrielle Saracini. Then, it grew legs."This shoot was inspired by true events of me being terrible at yoga," Saracini said with a laugh. "I started defending myself saying, 'Hey, no one looks good doing this stuff.' And that's when the idea came to me, and the idea of, what is the exact opposite of the beautiful, promo, dreamy, traditional look of doing promotion.Oh, the hilarious aspect of getting all of our talent in one room to do all these ridiculous yoga poses."That's how the idea started, and then one person liked it, and it kind of snowballed from there."And that shows that the forward-thinking approach at YES. While fans watch the team, there's also a relationship that cultivates between the viewer and the network.MORE: Kris Bryant signs record second-year service contract If you're not heading out to 82 games in your home stadium through the course of the year or traveling with the team, chances are you'll be catching as much hardball as you can on TV.That's why something as simple as shooting a commercial is so Giants Cool Base Custom Black Jersey important for a network. It's more than simply busine s now. It's about deepening the bond between viewer and broadcast team. It's about familiarityand, to a certain extent, comfort, in watching a game.In today's industry, where games are being nationally televised le sthanks to regional sports networks, it's important to get more intimate with your viewers, said John Zeigler,YES senior director of creative services."Our team of broadcasters is a huge a set. ... We want to let people see that we are a family. We want to let people see the camaraderie that these guys share," Zeiglersaid. "(Seeing these guys have fun)really solidifies and confirms that we're on the right track pulling back the curtain and letting the fans see these guys' personalities outside the booth."Some people a sociate the YES Network with the Yankees, and that's within reason, though they are separate busine s entities.Butsome fans on the outside looking inmight have viewed the YES Network as being buttoned-up or overly traditional, much like the team itself. The YES Network never considered either of those to be fair a se sments oftheir on-air talent. The promo shoot proved that.In fact, the team's recent resurgence and rebuild had amore directimpact on the network."When I started, ourpresidentJon Litner was so excited about the positive energy and the buzz around the new 'Baby Bombers'and the whole team. He was like, 'What can our guys do to do keep our guys fresh and currentand young?'" Zeigler Giants Womens Team Black Jersey said. "So there was absolutely an entry point that was created that tied into the youth movement of the Yankees."The relationship between network and team is symbiotic, and if either one lags behind, then the overall product will suffer.YES understands that. And that's why a simple commercial and the refocusing of its on-air productwill do them all the better.
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