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Default '1922': Film Review

In this, the Year of Our King 2017, filmmakers have turned en masse to the back catalog of America's most prolific best-seller. Two much-hyped Stephen King adaptations came this summer, while two under-the-radar ones debut this week at Fantastic Fest; and in October, the author's influence will surely be felt in the second season of Stranger Things. Who knows what the holidays might hold, but in Zak Hilditch's 1922, based on the short story of the same name, we get one of the author's most stripped-down works. The pulpy period piece, Poe-like in its focus on gnawing guilt, should rank in the high middle when scholars of King cinema judge it against other adaptations; casual moviegoers, though, may feel it a bit slight not quite well-developed enough as a straight fiction, not quite scary enough to scratch the genre itch.

Thomas Jane plays Wilfred James, a Nebraska farmer whose wife Arlette (Molly Parker) never made her peace with rural life. When she inherits a hundred acres of valuable railroad-adjacent land, Arlette sees a way out: They can sell all their property and move to the city. Wilf wants to go the opposite direction, finally having enough land to work that their son Henry (Dylan Schmid) can be assured of a future on the farm.

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